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Very easy to set up and operate using a remote control, and can be powered and charged through multiple sources. Very portable, small and lightweight. Easy to carry about to anywhere and does not consume space in your bag.

Supports HDMI / USB Multimedia Interfaces To Easily Connect To iPhone / Android, Laptop And Personal Computer, Gaming Console And Other.

Exquisite And Realistic Pictures!


Exquisite And Realistic Pictures!

Customer Reviews

Jennifer, Los Angeles
The best idea ever. Super small, only a hand size, but it have a big power. We love it… play so well. It worthy every penny. I cannot wait to use it this summer with my kids to have our door movie in back yard. It can connect to tv, phone, computer … you name it .. everything. Love it!
Miranda, New York
This mini projector is really portable and easy to use and set up to your phone or computer. I like that it is easy to focus and you just need something to project it onto like a wall. It’s pretty durable and I like how easy it is to pack as well for kids.
Micheal, Chicago
Let me first say this projector is tiny! About the size of a thicker paperback book. However, size doesn’t matter in this case as this thing performs very well. The projector feels well-made, and has connections for HDMI, USB, and MicroSD sources. Now I’m not saying it is home-theater, or even soundbar quality, but it gets loud, and it is clear enough to understand dialog without issue.

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